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School Sport Premium

St Luke’s is committed to providing high quality Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and the opportunity for Competitive School Sport.


We are fortunate to have been guaranteed 2 years of additional funding to establish provision that is sustainable in the long term.


We will be using the funding in our school in the following ways:

·         Providing release time for Miss Blake, our PE Leader, to work alongside staff and pupils to evaluate and develop practice.

·         To buy in expert coaches and teachers to work alongside staff, 115 staff and pupils.


·         To kick start after school clubs in a broader range of age groups.

·         To provide a broader range of opportunities to play in competitive sport, at both an intra and inter school level.


How will we know if we have used this funding well?

  • School staff will have the expertise and confidence to teach PE across a range of sports.
  • Pupils of all abilities and all ages will have a positive attitude towards sport.
  • More children will be involved in after school sports clubs that either focus on Active Life Styles or competitive sport
  • The school will continue to be a venue for community sport.

St. Luke’s Vision for Physical Education


“At St. Luke’s Primary School we will support excellence in Physical Education through promoting healthy, active lifestyles and engaging in a range of competitive, challenging and enjoyable opportunities; developing sportsmanship, friendship and a determination to achieve in physical activities and school sport.”